Welcome to CIEM

Over the last few decades, historical research about Freemasonry in Spain has counted with the important contribution of distinguished historians, most of them profane, which has offered a view generally alien to the initiatic and/or spiritual orientation of Masonic work; when not with the not so obvious intention of consigning masonry to the state of a museum object, as a phenomenon of the past, an obsolete institution that does not belong to our times. There are no reliable surveys on this point, but it does not seem extravagant to affirm that, even among the best informed, the degree of knowledge about masonry is almost non-existent. And in the few cases where it is known, the most favourable notion is that it is a shadow from the past, while not few think it is some kind of sect involved in diverse conspiracies and shady businesses.

The Centro Ibérico de Estudios Masónicos (CIEM) Iberian Center for Masonic Studies, created in Madrid on July 2005, appears with the double aim of fulfilling the moral obligation of retrieving the historic memory of Freemasonry «from Masonry itself», vindicating the work of those who have passed on to the Grand Lodge Above, and, in second place, to contribute towards improving the existing degree of knowledge concerning masonry, highlighting its present character with the aid of talks, conferences, exhibitions, etc. Its aim is therefore that masonry writes its own history, even if that written by others be very reputable.

The CIEM is open to Masters Masons of any Obedience, without distinction, as it is a historical patrimony which belongs to all and therefore it is for all to contribute towards its recuperation.


Search and cataloguing of sources

The Center plans to carry out the identification of existing sources and resources for the history of Freemasonry, searching abroad, as well as in Spain, in public and private files or in libraries, for all kinds of documents, manuscripts, letters, which concern or have been produced by Spanish Freemasonry.

A search of material-remains of Spanish masonry – a sort of archaeological project- is also intended. Parallel to this, an Open Catalogue of Spanish Masonry, «Catálogo Abierto de la Masonería Española» would be prepared, enriched by the source’s records and resources mentioned above, and classified according to Masonic criteria.

Documental resources

The Center wishes to create and legally safe keep a Documental Source of Spanish Masonry, its «physical» deposit-site having yet to be decided and negotiated. This source should in time become the most important reference for researchers and for Masons in general, who are searching for information about their history. This source will be fed by acquisitions made possible by CIEM funds and via donations and legacies.

Communication and Publications

Last but not least, is the external projection of the Center’s work. The publishing of a annual review “Papeles de Masonería”, Masonic Papers, dealing with interesting and outstanding findings, reports or works, transcriptions of papers, etc. has been considered. The «Papeles» is financed by subscriptions, donations and sponsors. Punctually, books and monographs that appear relevant will be published.
Likewise, the CIEM organises public events to offer a more active image of Spanish and universal Freemasonry.